Who does the News Nuts website target?

The News Nuts website caters to people of all ages, but is primarily favoured by those between the ages of six to ten. It has also proven popular among teachers and parents who use it as reference material when educating juniors!

No content shared on the News Nuts website is a direct opinion of the authors. Please contact us if any information is inappropriate to your personal beliefs.

What kinds of articles can be found on the News Nuts website?

Our news articles are bolt-sized pieces of content covering recent events. The News Nuts gather their information from a range of leading sources, including The Guardian, The Conversation, ABC, SBS, CSIRO, National Geographic, Forbes, WIRED and more.

How our reading level system works

We have created a custom reading level system, so that your child finds the content best suited for them.

Appropriate for ages 6+

Appropriate for ages 8+

Appropriate for ages 10+

We value the safety of your children!

There are no external links on our website, so readers are encouraged to browse independently without the risk of clicking on anything unsafe!

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