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What Exactly Is Seitan?

Posted: 07 October 2021

Move over beef – there’s a new delicious meat substitute in town!

Lots of people in Australia are choosing to eat less meat. They might want to eat less meat because meat often has a negative impact on the environment, or because they believe it is healthier.

Seitan is an excellent meat substitute that you can use to make all sorts of delicious meals.

Even though it’s made of just water, salt and flour, it’s pretty healthy. One serving contains 75g of protein, which is more than in beef or lamb. It also contains roughly the same amount of iron as kangaroo meat.

If you’re in the mood for a food experiment, you could even try making seitan at home. It’s so easy! Just mix some water, wheat flour and salt together until you have a soft dough, then knead it under running water until it is stiff and stretchy. Running it under water washes away all the starch until only wheat gluten is left.

Once you’ve made it, you can marinate it and fry it, or cover it in breadcrumbs to make a plant-based schnitzel.

Seitan’s cooked consistency is most like chicken. So, next time you’re in the mood for some nuggets, why not try seitan!

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