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Some Trees in Italy Are Over 1000 Years Old

Posted: 18 October 2021

We all know that the nature around us has been around for a very long time. In Italy, some trees have been around for over 1,000 years!

Not only are these trees beautiful to look at, they are also ecologically very important. Lots of animals make their homes in old trees. The ancient trees in Italy are home to lots of different insects, animals, and birds, some of which are endangered.

Now, Italy has decided to protect these trees they have called ‘monumental trees’. When deciding if a tree is considered a monumental tree, they consider its ecological value, its cultural significance, its size and approximate age.

Trees that are on the registry of monumental trees are protected from being cut down. In fact, the fine for cutting down a monumental tree could be up to $160,000!

It’s hard to imagine everything that has happened since these trees were planted. They have been around during both world wars, as well as the black plague in the 14th century!

Let’s hope these trees survive a few more hundred years!

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