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Giant Panda No Longer Endangered

Posted: 08 October 2021

There’s great news for the giant panda – it’s no longer endangered!

For many years these adorable animals have been threatened by human activity. Now, humans are helping them to survive in the wild.

In China, which is the only country that pandas live in, a huge national park has been declared a wildlife reserve. This is a large area of habitat that is protected from humans.

These protections are working. Panda numbers have increased so much that they are no longer considered endangered.

There are still some problems for the panda though! They share their habitat with other animals, and because many predators have disappeared from the area, the number of other animals is increasing.

These animals carry diseases that could infect the pandas. They also damage the habitat that pandas live in.

Pandas only eat bamboo, and they have to eat a lot of it. It’s very low in nutrients so pandas spend most of their day eating. But, other animals like eating bamboo as well, which means pandas can’t always eat as much as they need.

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