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Early Snow Protects Greenland Ice From Melting

Posted: 30 September 2021

In July of this year there was a heat wave in Greenland. Greenland is a very big country covered in lots and lots of ice and during the heat wave some of that ice began to melt.

While this might not sounds like a big deal, melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica contributes to sea level rise around the world. This causes very serious problems for coastal areas and the people who live there.

Luckily, the seriousness of the melting was lessened by the snow that had fallen earlier in the summer. This early snow protected some of the ice from melting.

But, while this is good news, there’s still a lot that scientists are worried about when it comes to Greenland’s ice sheets. Scientists predict that if all of the ice on Greenland were to melt it would lead to 6 meters of sea level rise. Thankfully, this is unlikely to happen for a very, very long time.

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