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Different Insects Like Different Colours

Posted: 11 October 2021

Do you know what the Nike logo looks like? The Nike logo is so well known that almost everyone knows what it looks like. Flowers do something similar to attract the right kind of insect.

Different insects pollinate different flowers – that means they take the special dust on one flower to another flower of the same species. This is how flowers reproduce.

Flies are often considered a nuisance, but they are actually important pollinators. Bees, flies and birds are all pollinators and are important to plant survival. But, not every bee, fly or bird can pollinate any plant.

To make sure they are visited by the right kind of pollinator, plants have developed certain traits to attract them. 

Plants use colour to attract the right kind of pollinator. Researchers have discovered that flies are not very good at telling the difference between different shades of blue, but are very good at telling the difference between shades of yellow!

Because of this, plants pollinated by flies have evolved to be yellow, while plants pollinated by bees tend to be blue. This is because bees can see blue much better than yellow.

Nature sure is clever!

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