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The Deadliest Creepy Crawlies

Posted: 05 October 2021

When you think of deadly bugs, you probably think of a spider. That’s because Australia is home to many dangerous spiders.

But actually, the deadliest bug in the world is the mosquito!

Yep, that tiny, annoying, buzzing insect that darts around your room kills more people every year than sharks, lions and bears combined! Don’t worry too much though, the annoying bug in your bedroom isn’t going to do you any harm.

The reason mosquitos are so dangerous is that they live in many areas of the world where there are blood-borne diseases. That means that a disease can be sucked up by the mosquito when it bites someone, and then the disease can be transferred to the next person the mosquito bites.

Mosquitos pass on lots of diseases in areas of the world where access to hospitals and medicine is difficult. That, unfortunately, means that many people end up dying of diseases that are preventable.

In fact, the mosquito is so dangerous in some parts of the world that the most life-saving thing you can own is a mosquito net!

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