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Climate Change Will Make Aussie Farms Too Expensive to Run

Posted: 04 October 2021

Australia is a very big, very dry continent. In fact, it’s one of the driest on the planet. The climate crisis is making this much worse.

Typically, Australia experiences a drought about once every ten years. Researchers have discovered that climate change will lead to one drought every five years.

Drought is bad news for people living outside of big cities in small, rural communities. It’s especially bad news for farmers.

In fact, if the climate gets much drier many farms will have to shut down. This is because there will be less and less water available, which farmers need to be able to feed their animals and grow their crops.

More needs to be done to help rural communities plan for more drought. There is lots of money being spent on research to slow down climate change.

But, it’s also important that the people who will experience drought have help to find ways to continue to live in rural Australia.

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